Services:   What Differentiates Us?

We have outstanding IP and technical knowledge and pride ourselves on the quality of our analyses. However, we understand that successful technology products are not based just on good technical competence and IP positions, but also depend on a wide range of other inter-related factors. For example:

Uncovering and resolving such issues requires skills and hands-on experience across the technology spectrum. At VorteQ Consulting we bring these skills and experience together to provide unrivalled, comprehensive analyses. We know what questions to ask and how to ask them.

Modus Operandi

Our approach is methodical. We maintain proprietary checklists for technology investments and in-licensing. Our checklist for technology company acquisitions, for example, comprises more than 100 items to ensure that all aspects of technical competence, IP position and overall functionality of the company's technology management are considered. "Small" issues that are missed can cause big problems after the deal is done.

There is no standard project size, and we tailor the depth of our investigations to the requirements, timelines and overall size of the deal. For example, investors often get large numbers of applications for funding and need to get the informed advice of a technical expert quickly. For this we provide our Preliminary Screening service which may require relatively little of a consultant's time. For larger projects, our investigations typically require a detailed Confidentail Analysis report and technical Representations and Warranties. The technical Representations and Warranties form a part of, or augment, the legal and financial warranties made by the sellers. The Confidential Analysis report outlines issues not raised in the Representations and Warranties. This report is needed for: a) highlighting undeclared problems we find which may justify termination of the deal; or b) reducing the price during negotiations; or c) identifying issues which should be modified prior to the completion of the deal; or d) documenting changes that must be implemented after the transaction – for example, improving internal records or procedural processes.

Working With Us

We work globally and, as far as is feasible, we will conduct on-site investigations if required. We aim to be a "one-stop shop" able to manage all aspects of technical due diligence. However we are also entirely comfortable working with our clients' existing experts. Often these are internal technical staff, highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise, but lacking due diligence experience and a clear methodology to ensure a thorough analysis. Alternately they may be academic researchers who provide deep knowledge of their specific area, but may not be as knowledgeable in industrial processes and intellectual property matters.

Due diligence investigations are generally urgent and response times are critical. We respond promptly and stick to deadlines once we commit to a project.